Nagpur Power & Industries Limited is a part of Khandelwal group of Companies, established in 1946 with business interests in a wide variety of manufacturing and service industries.

The Company mainly operates on Metal Recovery Plant and produces Low Ferro Manganese (Slag) through its profitable slag recovery process. However, there is no more re-usable waste of fine particles remaining in the manganese slag which was dumped at various places at the factory site which can be recovered. The technical consultants are of the same view that the entire stock has been depleted now and hence the company has disposed off the manganese slag recovery plant and closed the metal recovery operations.
The management of the company has foreseen this & thus entered another segment of business couple of years earlier via a majority stake in “The Motwane Manufacturing Company Private Limited”, now a subsidiary company and is looking to develop its business in electrical sector. The company is also looking at other business opportunities including monetizing its assets and redeployment of the same in better business opportunities.

The MMCPL is an R & D based company and has developed various high technology test and Measurement products which would have applicability in the domestic and international markets. The company’s products are sold primarily to the power sector and energy intensive industries.